Poonam Pandey oops… no pants!

poonam pandey1 Poonam Pandey oops... no pants!Once again Poonam Pandey the 20 something “new generation” girl has been posting erotic pictures of hers, (this time with no pants on) and making bizzarre confessions. It seems  Sherlyn Chopra’s Playboy act has given Poonam Pandey sleepless nights.
Since exposing her cleavage in a series of pictures on Twitter, Poonam preferred to put some pictures of hers without her underwear.

Poonam wrote, “No pants are the best pants,” and added, “I complain about my house being so fuc***g cold yet I`m walking around with no pants on… Oh, alright (sic).”

She didn’t stop there. She also went on to write, “Whenever I lie around bare and fondle my breasts, I realize I’m not a adult star and I’m not getting paid so I never do that, idiots(sic).”

It seems like Poonam is making desperate efforts to catch eyeballs once again.
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